Products and Services

Investment Advisors, Management Consultants, Energy Consultants and Corporate Trainers

Our Products and Services:

SPECIALIZED SERVICES ON OFFER TO ITS EXISTING AND NEW CLIENTS (i.e. Governments, World Bank and European Union and their Agencies, Private Corporates (both local and multi-national/international) including SMEs) and Public Sector Ministries, departments and Agencies

1. Project/Business development, monitoring and evaluation

  • Initiation and preparation of Project/ Business proposals for new and existing Projects.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Reports and Project Evaluation.
  • Preparation of Business Plans, Pre-investment Study Reports and Institutional Documentation.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of new and existing projects.
  • Execution of Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) Analysis of various Projects, and
  • Project Completion assessments/evaluation

2. Project/Business finance arrangement and management

  • Assistance to clients in developing and placing new Financial Instruments in the Ghanaian market.
  • Providing Finance and Investment advice and Investment management services for Pension and Provident funds.
  • Development of new and innovative instruments which meet specific funding requirements of Prospective clients, and
  • Advice on financing options and facilitate financing for Project.

3. Local agency and office representative of expatriate investors and multinational companies with business interest in Ghana and other West African countries

  • Office representations of foreign companies in Ghana and West Africa sub-region.
  • Business/Investment management on behalf of local and foreign investors within the west Africa Sub-region.
  • General trade and investment advisory service, and
  • Assistance to new entrants in the finance and investment market within the West Africa Sub-region.

4. General investments banking services

  • Company valuation (especially for non-listed companies)
  • Pre-investments study and Advisory services.
  • Mergers and Acquisition (especially for non-listed companies).
  • Company takeovers and Management buyouts, and
  • Post-acquisition (or takeover) management advisory services.

5. Environmental and social assessment services

  • Environmental and social scoping and baseline studies.
  • Environmental and social monitoring and auditing.
  • Environmental and social management plans.
  • Environmental and social impact assessment and environmental management systems.
  • Environmental due diligence audit.
  • Initial environmental examinations.
  • Statutory environmental compliance and assessment, and
  • Strategic environmental assessment and community development plans.

6. Training and complete human capital sourcing, management and evaluation

  • Conducting general training needs in corporate management, investment advisory and project development.
  • Sourcing, identifying and recruiting on request specialized skilled workers for Clients.
  • Development of Human Resources operating manual.
  • Conduction of staff performances review and job evaluations (inclusive of job enrichment/enlargement, Training/placement).
  • Development of guide to competency policy for staff.
  • Staff downsizing advisory services, and
  • Staff payroll outsourced management.

7. Tips for Increasing Your Referral Income

  • Commodity trading and financing advisory services
  • Warehousing management for commodity import and export.
  • Commodity collateral management (especially for non-perishable commodity imports).
  • Advisory services for the establishment of cross-border trade finances using documentary letter of credits, and
  • Arrangement of appropriate financing of commodity trade.

8. General finance, investments and management advisory services

  • All other advisory services related to finance, investments and general management, not mentioned under the above mentioned subject groupings.