Our Associate Companies


Our Associate Companies


ENK Consultancy, UK

ENK Consultancy provides advisory services for small and medium sized business to aid development in the commercialization of primary products, sustainable development, rural enterprise and women empowerment, through government, bi-lateral and multilateral agencies, charities and private businesses. ENK has been operating since the 1990’s in Sub Saharan Africa, with offices located in the UK and Zambia. It has good networking skills and practical experience to assist organizations already operating, or wishing to operate, in these countries: Indonesia, Zambia and UK. ENK has established an excellent track record over the years, particularly working in Indonesia and Zambia as a service-provider for renowned institutions such as the “Fair Trade” organization, Governments and other institutions in UK. It helps governments in developing and emerging economies to achieve food self-sufficiency; to build capacity in the rural areas by advising communities (especially women co-operatives, to produce and market their resources in a sustainable manner). ENK also provides training to enable those communities to become self-supportive. ENK’s wealth of practical experience in areas of Business Management, Marketing and Agriculture matters has helped to solve clients’ problems through recognizing all the aspects of business challenges and its environments. The partners’ previous experience in running both successful commercial small and large organizations coupled with employment at senior level in Government and private sector has given ENK its unique operational abilities.


George Ankoma-Mensah & Associates, Accra-Ghana

George Ankoma-Mensah & Associates, a firm of legal Advisers and Notaries Public, set up to bring together its seasoned Legal Practitioners to render international standard of legal practice to its clientele, both local (that is in Ghana), and external clients, who require advice on Ghanaian legislation or desire to set up in Ghana or Ghanaian clients who require legal services when negotiating with external entities.
The firm has combined commercial law, corporate and privatization law practice with the practice of law related to charities or non-Governmental Organizations, again both local and international. The firm boasts of a total experience of well over forty (40) years being the combined cumulative years of experience of members.
The company prides itself, of being a legal giant practicing law involving not only the observance of the law but its spirit and also taking cognizance of the fact that human survival, unity and peace are paramount, hence we encourage reconciliation, meditation, arbitration and or other forms of Alternate Dispute Resolution methods and not the strict resort to the courts of law in the first instance, unless absolutely necessary and with the clients approval.


BLA & Associates, Accra-Ghana

BLA & ASSOCIATES (BLA) is an entrepreneurially spirited firm of Chartered Accountants incorporated in 2008 as a partnership commenced business in 2009. BLA is a wholly owned Ghanaian accounting firm with a number of regional contact offices to meet the international, national and localized needs of our clients. BLA is staffed with a team of individuals who have distinguished themselves in their professions blends traditional accounting practices with the special needs of Ghana’s independent businesses, community based organizations and MDA’s among a range of clients and with a hallmark of clearly customized delivery. BLA services Independent / Private Business, Public Administration and Non-profit Organizations. A host of clients ranging from individual entrepreneurs to government organizations and mid-range Ghanaian companies have selected BLA to be their trusted business advisor.
BLA has the following objectives:- i) to offer Accounting and Auditing Consultancy service; ii) to undertake Financial and Management Consultancy Services; iii) to offer Finance, Taxation and Investment Advisory Services; iv) to offer Financial Management Training.
BLA is committed to operating as a leading independent professional service provider with the highest standards of professional ethics to our clients at the most competitive offers. As one of Ghana’s emerging accounting and auditing firms, BLAA has the size and strength to help our clients compete in the national and global market place by providing clients with leading-edge accounting, tax and management advisory services.


Engineering Systems and Services Limited (ESS), Accra-Ghana

Engineering Systems and Services Limited is a 100% Ghanaian owned Limited Liability Company incorporated under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) on 29th January 1999 to provide Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions, services and products, and other directly related services in Ghana and is located on the 10th Floor of Premier Towers, Pension street, Ministries, Accra.
ESS is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) service provider and provider of Internet and other network services in Ghana under the trade name of UCOM. The company requires this investment to upgrade its communications infrastructure to compete with the dominant operators (MTN, TIGO, Airtel, and Vodafone) and provide the full suite of communications services throughout Ghana.
ESS is licensed by the National Communications Authority in Ghana for the following services provision: Voice-Inclusive Broadband Wireless Access Licence in the 2.5-2.6Ghz range; Internet Data License; Public Data License. Its areas of expertise and services on offer to clients include: Design and Engineering of ICT Networks, Communication Systems Integration, Application Software Development, Business Process Automation, Internet and Data (WAN, VPN) Services under the UCOM brand name and Internet and WAN services under the UCOM band.


Achievers Consult, Accra-Ghana

Achievers Consult is a Human Capital Training & Development Consultancy firm which was established in 2005 to collaborate with prospective clients to enhance their respective organizational performances. The company focus is in the financial, public and private sectors. Key among the services the company provides are HR Consultancy, Recruitment Services, Training, Management Services, Institutional Re-engineering, Technology consultancy and Business Advisory Services. With the company’s in-depth experience in execution of strategies, there is the willingness to assist our prospective clients in developing their capabilities. By working in partnership with its clients, the Company brings in, a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The company’s passion for service excellence is built around client satisfaction.