Our Clienteles

Investment Advisors, Management Consultants, Energy Consultants and Corporate Trainers

Our Clientele (New and Existing)

The Company has provided project finance, finance & investment, project appraisal, monitoring & evaluation, environmental, trade and general management advisory and general consultancy services for clients in the following categories

  • B.Tech./ B.E / MCA degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related stream.
  • Private project (business) developers and investors – local and foreigners
  • Governments, European Union, United Nation Agencies and the World Bank sponsored Projects
  • Non-Governmental Organization
  • Commodities Trader with no (or little) experience in the business terrain of Ghana and West Africa
  • Major companies restructuring assignment in partnership with a capable and knowledgeable local agent
  • Venture capital and private equity fund managers looking for high yielding and profitable investments in Ghana and the West Africa
  • Expatriate Investor(s) in demand of local expertise for the management and evaluation of an investment opportunity, prior to investment decision making
  • Local Agency and Project/Investment management services for large Multinationals with business interest or commitment in Ghana and other West African countries
  • Mining (oil and precious minerals) and construction companies.